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Recreational Diving Safety Manual For Hong Kong


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Diving accidents as in any active sport may happen. Especially, if the safety rules are either not understood or ignored. As the recognized and authorized body for the sport of underwater diving by the Hong Kong Government, many members have for a long time considered it was essential that the Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA) should set-up a


The gaining of information on any accident has almost always been very difficult to obtain from either official sources or from a diving group or private individuals. In consequence, the lessons/information derived from any accident could not be relayed to diving clubs, instructors and/or individuals and to non aligned divers. This is why a dedicated group of experienced, professional and qualified scuba divers who were members of the HKUA, decided in December 2007 to establish a special independent organisation to look into diving safety issues. The Board of Directors of the HKUA at their board meeting on 13th November 2007 endorsed the proposal to set-up a DS&AEC. Mr. John A. Fortune Hon Life President HKUA was asked to be the Convener to select a committee to look into and make proposals to establish the DS&AEC. The DS&AEC Provisional Sub Committee (DS&AEC PSC), was established and comprised of Mr. J. A. Fortune Convener, Mr. Thomas Yuen – ex Chairman HKUA, Mr. Chow Wai-ming – Chairman HKUA, Mr. Alfred Au – Dep. Chairman HKUA and Mr. Lee Chee Kwan – Director HKUA. DS&AEC PSC Hon Secretary. Government support with a direct feedback from Chief Executive would support the proposed DS&AEC and requested HKUA provide a detail proposal for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department further consideration. A Resolution to establish A Diving Safety and Accident Enquiry Committee was supported and approved by the HKUA Annual General Meeting on 26th January 2008. The DS&AEC is an independent body within the HKUA and directly responsible to the Chairman of the HKUA. The DS&AEC would through the Diving Safety Officer report to the HKUA Board of Directors on any safety issues and accident enquiry at their monthly meeting.