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Recreational Diving Safety Manual For Hong Kong


Diving & Resort Travel Expo 2017


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The committee comprises members with considerable diving experience and expertise.  They include government representative, diving and rescue instructors, a diving & hyperbaric medical practitioner, lawyer, law enforcement officers, an engineer, and an arbitration and corporate management professionals.

Member :

Mr. Thomas LEUNG (Chairman)
Dr. Wilson LI (Vice Chairman)
Mr. Robert HUI (Hon. Secretary)
Ms. Mimi SO
Mr. Andrew LAI
Mr. Andy LI
Mr. Chi-kwong LUK (Government Representative from Leisure and Cultural Services Department)
Mr. Wing-kuen CHOW (Government Representative from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department)
Mr. Ben YUEN (Government Representative from Fire Services Department)
Mr. Mason LAI (Government Representative from Marine Department)

The DS&AEC is dedicated to

  1. keep under review diving safety practices in Hong Kong and  overseas.
  2. promote diving safety codes of practice and guidelines for diving instructors and dive operators.
  3. advise the HK Government, diving clubs and professional instructors  on measures which should be taken to ensure diving safety.
  4. compile a data base on local diving accidents  and to HK divers whilst overseas
  5. seek information on diving safety from recognised international associations
  6. formulate a Diving Incident Report Form in Chinese and English
  7. assist the Police and Coroner ,as required, at any diving incident enquiry